What You See & What I See: Pema Osel Ling

Here’s the start of new series of postings that will help give you some insight of what goes through my head as I scope out an area for wedding portraits. As a photographer I often envision the potential of seemingly common backgrounds. For example, during the rehearsal for Stephanie & Ken’s wedding at Pema Osel Ling, I walked by the gift shop and noticed this pretty cool wall.

Instantly I created an image in my head of how this wall will help us with their wedding portraits. I’ll make sure to crop out the flood lights above and random pot to keep the final image clutter free. So after their ceremony, we went back to the wall and together, we were able to create the following shot.

My style of photography is very simple and relaxed. And having the opportunity and ability to create photographs with everyday backdrops is what fuels my passion for wedding photography.

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