Homage To Those of Whom I Am Grateful For: Gene Higa

I am one who often thinks about the past because it’s important for me to reflect on how I got to this point in my life. I feel that I am very lucky to be where I am at and to have met such amazing people in my life so far.

In 2004, my fiance then (now wife) and I met a wedding photographer named Gene who had the most amazing personality ever. Yeah, he took great photos too but we fell in love with his personality first and hired him to document our wedding day. From that day on, he became my inspiration to become a professional photographer and a mentor in developing my style of wedding photography.

Gene and I have kept in touch and my wife and I continue to watch as his career continues to take off. We’ve always told him that it’s nice to see good things happen to good people. His amazing detailed shots and uncanny ability to get couples to do fun & crazy things became an instant trademark. He is now an award-winning, destination wedding photographer who is highly sought out by couples around the world.

Gene, thank you for your inspiration, your kindness and your friendship. You have been a pivotal part of my photography career and I couldn’t have done it without you my friend. Best wishes to you as you move down to San Diego to follow your heart. “Oh The Places You Will Go.”

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